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Nail Oil

To maintain good strong healthy nails you have to attend to not only the part of the nail we cut and file, but also the nail bed, or cuticle.*

Our Nail Oil is made from a unique blend of absorbing oils that contain natural vitamins A & E to nourish, moisturise and strengthen your nails, together with natural essential oils such as Lavender, Tea Tree and Oregano to treat nail infections and stimulate strong healthy nail growth.  Can be used on both hand and toe nails.

Brush the oil onto each nail, ensuring you include the edge cuticle and nail fold (the edges of the nail) and leave for 1 hour to absorb into the nail.  Remove any excess after this time with a tissue.  You may notice a pleasant slight sheen to the nail which is perfectly normal.

*The Fragrant Pharmacy

Price: £7.00


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